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Crossfire Equine Rescue | Crossfire Equines

Crossfire Equines

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robot opzioni binarie 1 euro Crossfire Rescue is dedicated to helping equines of all breeds. Our group provides rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned equines as well as police seizures including neglect and starvation cases. We pull from auction houses, offer re-training, adoption services and most importantly love to animals in need. We find it of the utmost importance that each horse has the necessary daily hands on attention they need to thrive. Crossfire Rescue tries our very best to make sure every adopted horse is rehabbed fully from tail to the tip of their ears before they become available to go to a forever home. Being rehabbed fully mind, body and spirit gives them a better chance at apregnancy wedge pillow amazon successful adoption. Once rehabilitated our Crossfire equines are matched with THEIR perfect forever home. We cater to the equines needs rather than just on a first come first serve basis. We find the best-suited home for that specific equine for a lifetime full of love and adventures!