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CF Little Black Bird “Birdie”

November 16, 2015
Tags: #2005 Birdie was saved from the Bowie Kill Pen in North Texas. She is only eight months old. She was absolutely terrified and unbelievably sick upon arrival. Her first stop was the vet! She has the Papilloma Virus (warts) around her eyes, nose and mouth from being so young without a strong immune system and having been in poor living conditions. She also was severly dehydrated upon arrival and had an upper respiratory infection. This baby girl is a true fighter and I am still amazed she made the trip at all, she has fought hard for her future. Birdie has had to have many, many shots of antibiotics from the word go here. However, she has taken it all in stride and has been such a blessing for her meds. Birdie was slow to trust humans but was curious when we had grain. She was also severely underweight. We have been working with her with approach and retreat training techniques to help her understand that all humans are not bad. At week two she sought out affection on her own. She loves her face scratched! She is halter broke, loads, leads and ties now. At the end of the first round of antibiotics, while some improvement to her health had been made she was still sick and we are now treating for pneumonia. Even though Birdie was afraid of humans she stood still for the numerous injections she has had to have and still willingly seeks us out for a face scratch or curry session. Birdie will now follow me around the pasture like a puppy. She responds well to kindness and soft gentle patient people. She has an honest, sweet, sometimes scared little soul that is still just learning to be a baby. She is doing well on her refeeding program and has another vet visit in the upcoming weeks to remove the remaining warts on her face. She will remain in quarantine until she has made a full recovery and then she will enter baby training!

forex currency charts 1/22/2016 Our little Birdie had a BIG day today! I’ve literally lost track of how many rounds of antibiotics this little girl has had to have to get healthy (around 5) but we’ve arrived at a stable status finally. Her immune system has picked up and she is no longer our little sickling after her second round on the new antibiotics (since our last update). Her warts have almost all gone away and our vet feels it’s safe to turn her out with her foster herd finally. Her awesome foster mom said she was sooo happy and she ran and played with the big horse’s in the large pasture today! Her re-feeding program is ongoing but she’s made a ton of progress from the absolutely starved and unimaginably sick baby we received from the kill pen. Next week she has gotten the all clear for sedation to trim her hooves as the vets were afraid her lungs would collapse prior and her feet are still an off limits zone in her eyes. While she still has some ground to cover her road to recovery is looking a little brighter and lighter for her. Her favorite thing to do is eat grass and roll in the mud.

go 4/13/2016

site de rencontre de luxembourg Birdie is doing great with her foster and is fond of an older gelding who has been teaching her how to be a horse. Her and her foster mom are continuing to bond and she feels safe enough to let her brush her. Birdie has come out of her shell but still needs a knowledgeable, patient horse owner to help teach her as she continues to grow. She is an honest young baby who needs to build a long lasting, lifetime bond full of trust. Birdie still needs sedation for her pedicures and has done well with what she has been taught.  She has made a full physical recovery and is currently shedding out her baby winter coat. She is UTD and has been fully vetted. She is approx. one year old, has nice hard black hooves and a long thick beautiful tail. She still loves to play in the mud and is very social with all the other horses at her foster home.

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