Crossfire Equine Rescue | CF Maverick AQHA/JC

CF Maverick AQHA/JC Age: 3

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agence de rencontre montréal professionnels Skills: Brushes, Ties, Leads, Fly Sprays

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agencia de citas en mendoza Rider/Handler Skill Level: Advanced Barn/Pasture Bio: Maverick is the lowest man in the pasture. When he came here he acted as if he had lived his whole life in a stall and had no social skills with other horses. Although he has learned how to defend himself and play he is still the lowest horse in the pasture of golden oldies. He is a giant baby and is not a kids horse. We are still working with him on handling his feet and his last trim was the first one we have done without sedation. Again, he is just a giant baby who did not have the proper handling when he was smaller so he still has a very baby mindset. His eyes were matted shut, he was thin, and he came in with a huge abscess that had to be treated with antibiotics and soaking. He has since made a full physical recovery! It is very important that he go to a new home who has the means to feed him as he continues to grow into an even larger horse. He is currently eating free choice coastal hay and a high fat, high protein grain.

here Training Bio: Maverick has started training under saddle. He needs work with desensitizing to fill in “the holes” within his training as many random things can still be scary to him. He does not like whips of any kind and is a stingy kiss giver! lol Maverick has had about eight rides and is still learning the basics of turning, giving to leg pressure, moving out and picking up into a trot. He needs an experienced handler and rider/trainer to continue to teach him what they want under saddle and on the ground throughout the years while he grows out of the baby mindset and matures  into an adult horse. Maverick likes to take it easy most of the time and you can find him most often laying down napping in the sunshine. He is a big ol lazy baby! History: Maverick was pulled from an auction where he was being bid on by a kill buyer. We were relentless until we knew he was safe with Crossfire! No slaughterville for you Maverick boy! His journey has been a pleasure to all involved.

source link You can view more videos of Maverick at or follow us on IG @crossfireequinerescue we post A LOT of pictures and videos there. Thanks for looking and considering a completely rehabilitated super horse like Maverick!


February 7, 2017

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