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CF Tiny Tim

norge online dating Age: Approx 18-22

Height: 10hh

see Vetting: UTD on Vaccinations, Current Coggins, Recent Float and Eye Sx has been scheduled. Skills: Leads, Loads, Ties, Fly Spray, Good with Hooves & Brushing Update 3/24: Tiny has been moved to a foster home where his surroundings are perfect for him. He has one huge foster brother and a miniature donkey to keep him company and does well. Tiny also recently had eye surgery to remove the dead eye on his left side of which he had no site in. He is currently healing and doing well. He has roughly five more days before his stiches come out. Because he did not have any sight in that eye to begin with he has bounced back super quick and had no side effects from the surgery. He will be ready to go to his new home in a couple weeks when he is 100% off pain meds and antibiotics.

see Barn/Pasture Bio: Tiny had an exceptionally rough go at life in his most recent years before Crossfire. He came in with a substantial amount of trust issues as well as being emaciated and mostly blind. The vet feels he can see shadows out of his good eye. Tiny Tim has grown to trust one human handler here a lot. In the beginning songs were sung to him to comfort this tiny guy, sounds, tapping, bells and hands on were of the upmost importance. He came in defeated and depressed. Slowly but surely the sparkle in his eyes came back and so did his weight. He was finally strong enough to meet new friends and enjoy some time in the big pasture. Tiny does best with other senior horses who are low in the herd. He also has a friend with our resident donkey who is also partially blind. He does want to be with other horse friends very badly so any non threatening friend even a mini would be good for him. Just no aggressive horses who may bully him. Even though he is little, he is fierce! He has social skills and will defend himself to the best of his ability, he is a tough little dude. Tiny prefers little humans (kiddo’s) to adults if given the chance. He may have suffered some abuse from adults and finds kids non-threatening. He loves water and would love to have a pond to play in, in his forever home. He is good for just about everything and we feel he must have been loved by someone at some point in his life, he is really very well behaved. He is so small you hardly notice he is in the pasture sometimes until he runs across tossing his head like a miniature mustang or plops down in front of you for a nice sandy roll in the sun. Rolling is his favorite thing to do! We fell anyone could develop the bond he has come to with have with our founder it only takes time, love, and patience. He is a very kind soul who lived in fear for some time before coming here and we are overjoyed with seeing his bright recovery. He is currently eating alfalfa and 12/8 in miniature portions.

follow site Training Bio: Tiny has not been evaluated under saddle at this time. However, he does readily accept a bit, bareback pad, saddle pad and saddle with no issues. We are working with Tiny on his terms, and baby steps with him lead to major breakthroughs! We have started the desensitizing process and Tiny Tim is rideable. He was very confident under saddle and moved out easily as well as having a good stop. Tiny seemed to get excited that he was actually going for a ride and enjoyed it. He was cool calm and collected, and nothing phased him. Our rider even played around the world and rode backwards around the arena on him. A little surprise pony extraordinaire! History: Tiny Tim was surrendered from Acres Homes in Houston, Tx where he was living in a small mud pen and getting beat up by four other emaciated horses. Because of his vision issues he never knew which way it was coming from for him. He was severely neglected and a body score of one. He has been one of the greatest transformations I have had the pleasure of helping in. He is a true underdog who has defied all odds to show the world what an amazing pony he is.

go to link For more videos and photos of Tiny Tim please follow us online at or on Instagram @crossfireequinerescue we post A LOT of updates on both sites regularly. Thank you for wanting to adopt a completely rehabilitated super horse like Tiny Tim!


February 7, 2017

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