Crossfire Equine Rescue | CF Fanci Bar Olena APHA

CF Fanci Bar Olena APHA

citas online trujillo Age: 2007 Model

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watch Skills: Leads, Loads, Ties, Fly Spray, Bathes, Brushes, Good With Hooves, Working Under Saddle

follow Rider Skill Needed: Advanced/Professional

Islamic binary options broker how to choose Barn and Pasture Bio: Lena is currently eating free choice hay and 12/8 grain two times a day. She has good solid feet and also accepts sports medicine boots and overreach boots. She does best when she can be turned out 24/7 as this girl loves to run! She is high in the herd (second) but not the herd boss. She is currently turned out with several senior horses ages 18-33 but gets along best with the one horse closest to her age (he is 10). Lena does well in her stall and loves her apple mineral block. She does not seem to be a picky eater and has munched up any supplement we have given her throughout her recovery. Lena should not be on sweet feed or alfalfa ever, it will make her hot. She is good for baths and the farrier, loves to be brushed, and have her face brushed especially. She has been very sweet to me in being handled on the ground but could intimidate a novice handler. Lena is a smart girl and has untied her slow feeder hay nets and pulled the hay out to eat it faster. She has also figured out how to open her stall gate a couple times. Lena does best with a solid routine, and will need a solid routine to continue once in her forever home. Lena does prefer female handlers. Training Bio: Lena has been under the training of Scarlett Graves. She needs an experienced rider/trainer to continue to work with her. Lena will shut down with any kind of forceful “cowboy” type methods and needs her handlers and trainers to teach her what they want and what is to be expected of her. Lena was bred to work and run, and she needs a job, consistency, trust and natural training methods to continue to be the shining star that she is. She is extremely light and responsive to queues and works well off of weight and light leg pressure. She is currently being ridden in a Bosal and is doing well with that. Her trainer feels she will do very well with the fine tuning and finishing end of training due to how responsive she has become. She has been ridden by another advanced rider here and did well. Lena would make a great performance horse as she is a total powerhouse and would excel in sorting, cutting or barrels because she is extremely athletic. Lena is NOT a kids horse or a “pet” she is a working horse. As with any horse, when left without a job she will be the best brat she can be. Her new home will need to keep a consistent training schedule to further her skills in whichever direction they would like to take this amazing girl in. Lena can be adopted at anytime throughout training and we can also make arrangements for her to be finished at our facility after adoption if the new adopter wishes.

dating a virgin male Lena’s History: Lena was an owner donation in conjunction with the SPCA from a hoarding situation. Lena was neglected. You can view her lineage on with her full name Fancy Bar O’Lena. Lena has amazing bloodlines and comes from some really great horses! This girl was truly a diamond in the rough and we’ve been honored to make her shine again.

dating rules chinese symbols You can view more videos of Lena at or follow us on IG @crossfireequinerescue we post A LOT of pictures and videos there. Thanks for looking and considering a completely rehabilitated super horse like Lena!


February 1, 2017