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Crossfire Equine Rescue | CF Lakota

CF Lakota

September 26, 2015

get link Lakota was originally a buddy horse to another intake. As time has gone by and other horses have been introduced to the herd they seem to have forgotten all about each other. Lakota has COPD and has trouble breathing in the hotter months. His ideal home would be a home located in the northern USA. Because he is a mini, steroid treatment needs to be closely monitored so he does not founder. He is a little marshmallow on legs and thinks he is just as big of a horse as all the others. Lakota was a show mini at one point but he still hates his little baths and much prefers to be covered in dirt at all times. Lakota is dominant in the herd and is currently listed as a sanctuary. However, even as much as all the kids and adults love him a cooler climate will be much easier on him especially as he gets older. If you can provide a cooler home for this sweet stinker as he ages we are open to applications. We hope to use Lakota’s charm at hospitals, events, and nursing homes in the near future.

see *Please note we will not consider homes in climates like ours or hotter he must move on to a better situation for his specific individual needs.