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CF Rio’s Shining Encore

October 13, 2015

source Incoming intake from Kaufman Kill Pen #9373. Rio was saved from the kill pens in North Texas. He is currently in quarantine for 30 days (started Oct. 13th). He came in with an upper respiratory infection and has been on antibiotics since arrival. The vet is hopeful he will recover in the upcoming days 10/22. Rio is said to be gaited and rideable. He needs about 200 pounds approx. before he is a whole horse again. He has a slight case of thrush we are treating and one long hoof on the front left we are correcting with frequent trims. He is UTD with a current coggins and his thermal imaging scan showed no points of pain.

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rencontrer l'homme de sa vie 50 ans Rio is a steady quite guy, he doesn’t need a lot of affection but he seeks out his handler when he wants a sweet soft hug or a scratch. He is low in the herd and likes to sleep laying down in his fluffy shavings. Our best guess is that Rio has not had a very easy life. He was afraid of us petting him and would shy away from our hands as if he had been hit, he is also afraid of whips and rakes. He is learning to trust us and with every passing day time helps him to realize that humans are not all bad. Rio stands quietly for shots, farrier work, baths, you can walk behind him at feeding time, brush his tail and he has not offered to kick or bite. 14 years old, leads and loads like a dream. Rio is still learning what treats are and is absolutely convinced that all treats are poison. We found one treat he liked but that only lasted a day and now he spits them out. This guy is such a great horse he really does not want to disappoint his handler EVER! He just seems like his heart is broken but we hope we can fix that while he recovers. He is currently eating a 12/8 grain with vitamins and pro-bios daily along with free choice hay.

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click Rio has made an enormous turn around and with gentle patience and kindness has become friendly and loving. Rio is rideable and stands still for grooming, tacking, mounting and dismounting. We have not done a tone of riding but he does neck rein and moves off your leg. Rio completed his quarantine and three rounds of antibiotics to receive a clean bill of health. He received shots throughout the full 30 days of antibiotics and was an angel for them, never once complaining. This guy will steal your heart when your not looking he is a truly special horse. He is currently located in a foster home in Richmond, Tx.

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