What do credit cards bring me when I travel?

What do credit cards bring me when I travel?

Many are still very briefly familiar with the advantages of credit cards when traveling. Especially among those who do not travel so often, there are various prejudices about credit cards, their costs, and advantages.

So many Germans are negatively shaped by their house bank, which is still often a savings bank or Good Credit. The credit cards of these banks are not comparable to what is now being offered to frequent flyers and holidaymakers.

We would like to explain in this guide

Why credit cards are one of the most important travel companions for us and why they are so worthwhile in terms of optimizing travel!

Before you decide on a credit card, you should clarify a few important questions:

  • am I willing to pay an annual fee for additional services?
  • should the card only offer the best possible conditions without an annual fee?

An annual fee sounds ugly at first, but especially in the travel sector, the additional services can sometimes have an enormous counter value. Especially if you are abroad a lot, a credit card with an annual fee usually makes sense due to the many additional advantages.

Why do I need a credit card abroad?

At first glance, many travelers do not understand at all why a credit card abroad is necessary at all. In our view, one or, ideally, a combination of several cards is more than helpful for several reasons.

Why is insurance so important when traveling?

Why is insurance so important when traveling?

The aforementioned special services include in particular the topic of insurance. Travel health insurance abroad should be included on every trip. Even within the EU, you are often only inferiorly covered by statutory health insurance. If there is no additional privacy policy with the corresponding services, we strongly recommend that you take out a credit card with travel health insurance.

Rental car comprehensive insurance with credit cards is still very popular. Many feel queasy about renting a car due to the sometimes very high deductible or no fully comprehensive insurance at all. This leads to the fact that excessive prices for additional insurance can be discussed at the rental car counter. But this then often goes into the money and quickly amounts to over 200 dollars per week.

It makes more sense to pay with a credit card such as the Miles and More credit card or the Eurowings Gold credit card. If the rental is made with one of these cards, the car is fully insured under the insurance conditions. The deductible for the cards mentioned is usually a humane 230 dollars. With a rental car comprehensive insurance, you are well covered for rentals.

From our own experience, processing in the event of a damage works quickly and easily. Thanks to a credit card for travel, you can save money with just one rent and at the same time you are even better secured. So you have the annual fee for the card, which is 69 dollars for Eurowings Gold credit cards and 110 dollars for Miles and More credit cards, back in after a rental.

Travel cancellation insurance, luggage insurance, and travel comfort insurance can also be valuable companions on your travels! They compensate you for flight delays, missing luggage and other annoyances in everyday travel. The American Express Gold Card offers a particularly extensive package in this regard.

Probably the best insurance package among travel credit cards is the American Express Platinum Card, which however comes with a fairly high annual fee. However, the card offers many other advantages that can be worthwhile. We have weighed up when and whether the credit card is worthwhile in a detailed guide.

Will sales with a credit card bring me additional benefits?


Credit cards that can be used to collect valuable miles should not be underestimated. The Miles and More or Eurowings credit cards are particularly interesting in this regard. With credit card sales, you can book business class flights with miles.

If you want to remain flexible and transfer your award miles to various frequent flyer programs, and American Express credit card is recommended. With the Membership Rewards program, the points collected can be easily transferred to various airline and hotel programs.

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